Yngwie Malmsteen Shreds St Andrews

As guitar shredders go, Yngwie Malmsteen is a master of this class. This Swedish born guitarist takes classical playing and jams it into heavy metal thrashing. If you had taken Bach and merged him with Jimi Hendrix you would find Yngwie Malmsteen.

Thursday night at St Andrews Hall in Detroit Malmsteen showed the crowd what guitar playing is all about. The Stage was set with stacks of Marshall Amps looming over the planks humming while they waited for its master. Yngwie hit the stage bending strings and screaming notes. His style is intense and in your face, merging classical and rock is a mixture Yngwie Malmsteen knows the recipe for. At one point he made his guitar sound like multiple violins and then making it scream as if it was on fire.

As I walked through the venue I noticed a few local shredders (that are excellent in their own right) in attendance as well as guitar fans of all ages. One thing for sure, the musicians and fans that filled the hall Thursday night were there to see a master in action; they were there to see the one they call Yngwie Malmsteen. A must see show for guitar playing lovers and all lovers of rock. Get out and see the music!

For more of Yngwie Malmsteen visit his official web site at www.yngwiemalmsteen.com

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