Ted Nugent and Downriver’s own Derek St. Holmes Sets DTE on Fire

Thursday Night at DTE Detroit’s Ted Nugent and Riverview’s own Derek St. Holmes turned a already 100 degree day into a fire of rock n roll! You can say all you want about Ted’s opinions, political views, and his hunting practices but one thing is for sure Ted Nugent knows how to ROCK! Ted blew up a jammed pack house with all his hits, axe chopping leads and insured the crowd that everything is going to be all right cause Uncle Ted is in The house. Sharing the stage with Uncle Ted was downriver’s own Derek St. Holmes, Derek was hired by Ted to be his lead singer back into 1974. Although Derek was only the front man with the band for 4 years, Derek’s vocals and Teds shredding was the perfect ingredients to shoot the band to stardom! Through the later years the two of them worked together on many projects and in 2011 Ted announced Derek would be joining him on Tour. The show at DTE rocked and history just keeps repeating itself….Long Live Rock N Roll and as luck would have it, Detroit has an uncle in the music business!!
Ted Nugent web site
Ted Nugent / Derek St. Holmes – Stranglehold Live Video
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