System Of A Down, Concert Of The Year

Tuesday night, on their 2012 Eastern Trek Tour “System of a Down” literally rocked the foundation of DTE Energy Music Theatre.

In 2011 SOAD announced they would be taking their reunion tour on a North American trek and fans couldn’t wait to secure their tickets for this show. It didn’t take long to sell out and it didn’t take long to realize this show was going to rock!

Since 1998 SOAD has created a bond with their fans due to their unique style of song writing and intense performances. Although some of their songs have created controversy, System has always stayed true to who they are as artists. As some would believe their music delivers strong messages, I believe that’s a matter of opinion and it just so happens it’s the bands opinion.

System hit the stage Tuesday night and didn’t quit until 23 songs later. Jamming hits like “B.Y.O.B”, “Hypnotize”, “Chop Suey”, “Kill Rock n Roll”, “Holy Mountains”, “Cigaro”, “Toxicity” and “Sugar”, SOAD had the floors of DTE rumbling. I have never seen a concert where every single person in the house was jumping up and down with such intensity you could feel the ground moving. Give it up for System Of A Down these guys rocked and for me the best concert of the year!

SOAD Official Web Site:

SOAD “Toxicity” Video:


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2 Responses to System Of A Down, Concert Of The Year

  1. Jenn says:

    This one wasn’t just a concert, we had a PARTY. Definitley THE BEST PARTY I have ever been to.
    All of us….EVERYONE….rocked out, hung out, and had A REAL GOOD time! 😉
    I brought my 17 yr old son along, his first concert….What a screw up…
    He’ll never top this one.

  2. kathleen clarke says:

    I went to this concert for my bday had seats really close to the stage & got tons of pics & had a great time my ears rang for 3 days after. this was my first time ever seeing soad & deftones. My 9 year old son was mad that I didn’t take him he loves soad & sings chop suey non stop can’t wait to see them again

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