Sugarland, Star Wars and Baby Makes Three

Last Saturday night at DTE Energy Music Theatre Sugarland and their “In Your Hands Tour” brought a few surprises to town.

Surprise Number one: The show began with the stage covered by a giant curtain of their tour logo; a colorful imprint of a hand with the outline of a heart in it’s palm. As the house lights dimmed it was obvious the shadows behind this curtain was none other then Star Wars characters. I was unsure of the relationship between Star Wars and Sugarland but apparently the Michigan Star Wars Costume Chapter of The Great Lakes Garrison 501st Legion were invited to help keep galactic peace at the show. Rumor has it that members of Sugarland are big Star Wars fans. So during the show the band gave away an autographed guitar with the help of R2D2.

Surprise Number Two: Well for die hard Sugarland fans this was not really a surprise but as Jennifer Nettles took the stage is was very apparent that motherhood was in her near future. Will raising a family have a big impact on the band, not at all! Jennifer is one of the hardest working artists in the industry and as she consistently juggles a hectic schedule, she always finds the time for family. This will be Jennifer’s first child and you can already see that she is a very proud mother to be.

With all that aside it was still a Sugarland concert and as they played hits like “It Happens”, “Tonight”, “Little Miss” and “All I want to Do” to name a few, it was clear that this magical duo will be around for years to come no matter what life throws at them!

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Sugarland “All I Want To Do” Video:

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