Slayer Can’t Be Denied

Review by Jonny Reinhardt

Many say ‘djent’ bands is the future of heavy metal with its ultra-fast shredding, throaty screaming, almost electronic sounding solos, and off timed hooks. But after experiencing Slayer, master of all the above except with brutal force, it’s apparent these are the Godfathers of wherever metal music has gone. Slayer is still proving they can still hold up against the best of them including a mosh pit more brutal than the two Slipknot shows I’ve been to. That’s saying allot…I myself was put into a headlock by a man who looked like a cross between The Big Show and that wizard from Lord of the Rings all because his offspring’s face found shelter for a moment against my elbow and then the floor. “Welcome to a Slayer shhhoooww” I screamed as “Raining Blood” was being played 10 feet away onstage. The human noose around my neck was finally released after fellow mosher’s came to my aid allowing me to continue the aggressive dance of metal mayhem. I submerged myself back into the pit of physical love that smelled like a football team who hadn’t bathed in a month and continued to get lost in the music; it was awesome! Then they played with Angel of Death faster than I could even imagine…jaws were dropped, blood was spilled, faces were melted and girlfriends were violated. F*ck yeah, Slayer! RIP Jeff Hanneman

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