Scott Weiland Opens His New Tour at The Machine Shop

Friday night At The Machine Shop in Flint MI, Scott Weiland and his band The Wildabouts kicked off their tour in front of sold out crowd. The anticipation was high to see what songs Weiland and his crews were going to perform. Although it was a shaky start to the show with some technical difficulties, it took Scott about 3 songs to really settle in.  Weiland and company took us on a STP historic ride with 18 plus set list that included “Wicked Garden,” “Creep,” ‘Crackerman,” “Kitchenware and Candy,” “Big empty,” “Vasoline” and 3 song encore that ended with “Sex Type Thing.”

Four days before this tour opener it was reported in the press that STP had fired Scott Weiland. We are not sure of the details on this but what we are sure of is that without Weiland there is no STP.  Scott has had his up and downs when it comes to performing live and I wouldn’t consider this tour opener as one of his best, but judging by last night’s sold out show, it’s Weiland that everyone comes to see!

We recommend this a must see show but we don’t guarantee witch Weiland will show up! Get out and see the music!

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