Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival SlipKnot Returns

Last Sunday Mayhem struck DTE Energy with full metal force. The annual Rockstar Energy festival once again invaded Clarkston, MI and with 90 degree temperatures 3 stages and a sold out venue, it was just the right ingredients for head banging bash.

To start things off there were two stages located out side the venue walls the “Jagermeister Stage” and the “Sumerian Stage”. I was very disappointed with “Sumerian” stage; it was a small pop up tent with limited visibility and very limited space. I am sure the bands that earned the spot to play on that stage were as equally disappointed. With that aside the rest of the event did nothing but scream metal.  The Jagermeister Stage played host to some great bands like Betraying The Martyrs, White Chapel, Asking Alexandria, The Devil Wears Prada and one of my favorites Anthrax. These bands gave high-energy performances that set the tone for what was about come!

Back inside the walls of DTE Energy down at the bottom of the hill the main stage was gearing up for a heavy Metal slaughter. Kicking things off was “As I Lay Dying” and this metal band from San Diego just plain rocks. With 12 years of billboard hits including their Grammy Winning Song “Nothing Left”,“As I Lay Dying” delivered, and I for one was glad to be there to see it. Next Motorhead took the stage and when it comes to heavy metal bands, Motorhead is one of the forefathers that put the heavy in metal! Lemmy and his band have been taking decibel levels to new heights and will always be dubbed as the loudest band in the world. They are Motorhead and they play rock n Roll, plain and simple!

As the time was getting closer to the anticipated headlining act one more metal history making group took the stage.  Since their rise to fame back in 1986 with their album “Reign of Blood” Slayer has set standards to Thrash Metal. Although their topics have been surrounded by controversy, bans and lawsuits, Slayer still proved Sunday night that when it comes to metal they are one of the kings. Slayer is currently doing a new studio album, which is due for release in 2013. I have no doubt Metal fans will be looking forward to this new album and can’t wait for its debut.

Well it was now time for the main act and like all Mayhem Festivals the last band is normally something special, with that said I could tell you there is nothing normal about Slipknot. These boys from Des Moines Iowa take heavy Metal to new heights. With a full theatrical stage and custom costumes, Slipknot turns metal into molten lava. While each member of the group is clearly identified by their face wear and a single digit number it is apparent they all play a roll in what makes Slipknot concerts a sight to be seen.  With rising percussion platforms on each side of the stage accompanied by fire, lights and a full metal performance Slipknot shows take you on a visual journey and was a perfect ending to rocking festival. One thing I learn every time I cover a festival like Mayhem, is that no matter how much attention and controversy that surrounds these bands and their lyrics, Heavy Metal music and it’s fans have stood the test of time and always will! Rock on!!!!

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