Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival Rocks DTE Energy Music Theatre

As I packed up my gear and headed out to DTE Energy Music Theatre for the last festival of the summer I couldn’t help but wonder if this event was going to be rock solid. With Papa Roach dropping from the line up for medical reasons and “In This Moment” not playing at this show put damper on my expectations. As I arrived at the venue to catch the first act, the parking lot was filling up with rock fans of all ages. Despite any concern I had the excitement was filling the air as patrons were doing their pre-concert rituals. I entered the venue and made way to the Jagermeister and Ernie Ball Stage to find a pretty impressive large crowd that was ready to get their rock on!

First up on The Jager Stage was “Within Reason” supporting their new album “After The Crawl” these guys throw the word genre out the window. They play what the feel and feel what the play, all in all the end product rocks. Despite an early set time at 1:45 in the afternoon “Within Reason” got the crowd pumped and ready for the next act. Forty yards away on the Ernie Ball stage “Mindset Evolution” was ready to plug in and get it. This band won the Best Buy Music Gear Battle of The Bands beating out a field of over 5,300 entries. With killer hooks and a high-energy performance, “Mindset Evolution” was a crowd pleaser and is one band to keep your eye on! The next band “Candlelight Red” was one group I was looking forward to seeing, they were hand picked by KISS in the 2010 Guitar Center “On Stage Contest” and was handed the crown over 10,000 other groups. These guys play rock like it was metal, with a high-energy performance and a in your face rock mentality, Uproar Fest was beginning to really heat up! Next, supporting their new CD release “The End is Where We Begin”, Thousand Foot Krutch was ready to tear up The Ernie Ball Stage. These guys have their act together, they are focused on bringing a togetherness of their music and their millions of fans they call family. Thousand Foot Krutch is as true to them selves as they are to their mission. We love this band and judging by the hundreds of screaming uproar fans they did as well! Back at Jager the band called Deuce had some big shoes to fill. With the absence of “In This Moment” I was sure this would be the most disappointing act of the day. I was wrong, Deuce came out with guns a blazing, although it was impossible to fill Maria Brink’s shoes, Deuce put on a high-energy performance that just planned rocked. As rock would have it, “Redlight King” was continuing the heat up on the Ernie Ball stage, with a mixture of hip hop and rock these guys get the job done. Their new album “Something For The Pain” is one of our favorites, which includes the song “Old Man” featuring a sampling from Neil Young’s 1972 version. “Redlight King’s” music is real and so was their performance. Uproar Fest was just smoking hot after that set and over at the Jager stage the Band “Fozzy” was ready to continue the intensity. Professional wrestler Chris Jericho has turned his soul over to rock and Rock he did! As the front man to his band “Fozzy”, Chris and his mates put on a very intense performance and had the packed crowd screaming for more. It is very evident that Chris knows exactly what to do with an audience and that’s to put on a rock show! Well the stage was set for the last act to perform on the outside stage and what a band Uproar picked for this! Boom, here comes the Boom, ready or not here comes P.O.D. That’s right P.O.D; lead singer Sonny Sandoval knew just how to finish things up. Making his way off the stage and straight into the crowd during “Boom” is just what was needed to finish this crowd off and get them ready for the main stage! P.O.D rocked the faces of the crowd and was the perfect ending to the first half of this festival!

The Rockstar Energy Drink Main stage was set and the thousands attending were as warmed up as they could be. Taking the mic and plugging in first was “Adelitas Way”, this band has taken the word intensity and made it a way of life. Front man Rick DeJesus has gone up against almost unbeatable odds through his life and has come out on top. Music was his savior and his intense presence on stage breed’s nothing but rock! Next on the docket was “Staind”, since the mid 90’s this band has taken rock to new levels and Uproar Fest was no different. Lead singer Aaron Lewis has not lost any of his stage presence or vocal ranges. “Staind” performed a great selection of their hits and ending the set with “Outside” was definitely a high point of the festival. Now it was time for “Godsmack”, if you have never seen these guys perform you have lost out on what rock shows are about. Frontman and songwriter Sully Erna has to be the coolest rocker we have ever seen. Sully takes his music and engulfs the audience into their performance. “Godsmack” is by far one of the greatest rock performing bands of all time. Kicking out hits like “The Enemy”, “Cryin’ Like A Bitch” and Voodoo, “Godsmack” bleeds nothing but rock. The biggest high light of their show is when Sully and drummer Shannon Larkin have a drumbattle that is by far one of the coolest things to witness. Ending their set with “I Stand Alone”, Sully made it clear that Michigan has the best rock fans in the world. After that performance we were thinking Uproar got the line up wrong with “Shinedown” headlining instead of “Godsmack”. Well there are times we like to be wrong and this was one of those times. Shinedown took the stage with full force and took this festival to even higher heights. Shinedown has come a long way in a short time. Lead singer Brent Smith commands the stage with intensity and authority, an almost larger than life presence. As Godsmack set the bar for this show, Shinedown kept right up with it. Starting out with “The Sound of Madness” and never stopping until “Fly From The Inside”, this band has proven they are and will always be in the category of great rock bands!

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