Rihanna Brings Her Diamond World Tour to Detroit

Me, Rihanna – Ya Right! By Scotti Moore

If you told me that I would be covering a Rihanna show I would have laughed and told you just how insane you really are. After all, my roots as a rock journalist would never allow this to happen. So when I was asked to cover this show my first reaction was “Ya Right” but after carefully reconsidering the situation I thought, why not take the opportunity to expand my horizons even if it was going to be an absolute stretch!

As I arrived Downtown Detroit my beloved city was transformed into Rihannaville and my Hockey Town, Joe Louis Arena became the largest nightclub you could ever imagine. JLA was surrounded by fans dressed as if they were heading to their favorite club in 80-degree weather; the problem is, it was a frigid twenty-degree’s and yet the buzz of seeing Rihanna had apparently got the blood boiling and the cold air seemed to change temperature with the excitement. As the venue filled to capacity I couldn’t help but fall into the anticipation of seeing this show.

When the lights went out, I knew it was going to be utterly impossible to leave without multiple contusions to at least 90% of my body. With one giant motion, not a person was in their seat, as a matter of fact the majority launched in unison to reach the highest position on top of their chairs. The curtain then fell to the ground revealing what I can only describe as true artistic beauty. Kneeling on the floor, draped in a black robe under a single light, Rihanna began the evening in her angelic voice with the song “Mother Mary. With the fore thought that there was no way this show could reel me in from my rock background into a genre of pop, it was at this moment I knew I was Wrong!!! As the first song ended her entire stage was transformed into a marble palace filled with dancers and a full band. Rihanna commanded the stage as a true pop Goddess would and set the tone for an incredible overall show.

As the show progressed I realized I wasn’t the only one there with a rock background. Much to my surprise, Rihannas band was lead by the legendary rock guitarist from the group “Extreme” Nuno Bettencourt. As I was prepared for a whole lot of tracked music I never imagined seeing a great guitarist surrounded by great musicians that ultimately turned this concert into a rock pop show.

For the first time I truly grasped the concept of her music and realized that it in itself is very enticing; put that together with one of the most graceful entertainers to hit the stage and I found myself wrapped up into a visual fantasy that ultimately lead me to fall in love with Rihanna.  You never know if your going to like music that you normally don’t listen to and now speaking from experience, get out and see this show because it rocked!

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