Refused, Last American Tour

The Swedish hardcore punk band Refused with Special Guest “Off” blew the roof of The Royal Oak Music Theater Wednesday Night. With the 2012 announcement that the band would reunite and do one last US tour, Refused following wasted no time buying tickets and selling out venues across America.

Refused formed back in 1991 and with their demo release simply called “Refused” the band started a loyal cult following that even a break up in 1998 couldn’t sever. After being non-existent for almost 14 yrs. the band released “The Shape of Punk to Come”. News traveled fast and this release became one of the most sought after 3 disc sets among Refused fans. Rumor has it and I have been told, it was promoted by word of mouth only. The Band released a statement that ‘The Shape of Punk to Come” will be our last and final collection of Refused history as well as a full album of new original material.

Wednesday night at ROMT was an epic show, some of the songs on the setlist were hits like “Rather Be Dead”, “Coup d’etat”, “Hook, Line and Sinker”, “Circle Pit” and “New Noise” to name a few. There wasn’t a disappointed fan in the house, in fact the streets of Royal Oak were still buzzing well after the show.

These guys have made an influential impact on the punk rock world and last night at ROMT it was evident they have created a bond with their fans that can never be broken!

Refused Official Web Site:

Refused “New Noise” video:


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