Queensryche New Line Up Rocks Detroit

Review by Jonathon Reinhardt

“MINDCRIME! MINDCRIME! MINDCRIME!!!” yelled the packed audience of Queensryche fans as the lights dimmed at The Fillmore in Detroit Michigan Saturday night. Performing with a new line-up on their 25th aniversary “Operation Mindcrime Tour” Geoff Tate and company took the Queensryche minion’s on a historic journey of the bands greatest hits.

After departure from the original line-up last year, lead singer Geoff Tate wasted no time to heighten his passions in life and on-stage with continuing a legacy he created in the early 80’s by surrounding himself with some of rocks best musicians. Guitarist Kelly Gray and Keyboardist Randy Gane should be familiar names with the die-hard fans of Queensryche, being former band members of Geoff in the 70’s band Myth. On drums, former Whitesnake, Billy Idol, Forigner and Ozzy skin pound-er Brian Tichy didn’t miss a beat on the set list of 20 songs that included ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ in its entirety. Finishing up the current lineup is brothers Robert and Rudy Sarzo. Rudy is a rock bass legend from Quiet Riot, Ozzy Osbourne and Whitesnake to name a few. With this current line up of music veterans, including Sass Jordan singing the part of Sister Mary during Mindcrime, Saturday’s Queensryche performance just planned rocked.

After the show I had a unique opportunity to briefly meet with the band; I will have to say discussing band politics with my bass icon Rudy was a little humbling indeed. I also had the chance to sit down with Geoff Tate and discuss his inspirations as both a world-renowned singer and as a winemaker. Geoff explains how the two are similar; “As an artist, I approach my melodies with certain notes and harmonies to please that particular song, very much how certain vines and different variations of grapes can be harmoniously put together that creates a wine to please the palate…” Based off of that, I can only imagine Geoff chose his present line-up like he would his fine wine, flawless and Inspiring!

From Start to finish the show was pure energy and this new Queensryche line-up does nothing but rock! A must see concert, so get out and see the music!

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