Mindless Self Indulgence Advises Detroit

Article by Jonny Reinhardt

I must start out this concert review by saying that if you pride yourself on being a good person to all people, then turn the page. Mindless Self Indulgence is not for you. St. Andrew’s hosted the most profane band you could hope your daughters would never find out about. Little Jimmy Urine dressed in pink, brought his band to tell us we stink. To sing falsetto looking cute as a bell, speaking of how Jimmy Page is a f***ot and should go to hell. My little poem was made up as I was leaving St. Andrew’s bumping into the hardcore ‘Stalkers’ that were hunched over searching for a shoe, hat, or bra and shirt as was the case for the very girl Little Jimmy told to get voice lessons. Poor thing. I loved it.

Running through a quick slew of songs from their long history all pre-sampled out making you wonder why there was a band on stage. Because they’re sexy, that’s why! About halfway through the hour long set, Jimmy introduced the “special guest”. A twenty dollar bill. “You’ve probably never seen these before Detroit, eh?” Jimmy snarled. “You all need to stop Super Sizing everything and buy some merch!” He then leaped offstage and bought his own bands shirt from the merch booth while quickly dry humping any red-blooded person along the way. “All these bands come here and say they love you. Well they LIE! We love Los Angeles! We love their beaches! We love their gay strip clubs! And we don’t want you to love us and think that we’re great. We just want you to hate every other band out there…except GWAR!!!” (R.I.P. Dave Brockie)

 For the last song he told us all to shut up so we could play a game. He let the audience pick which song they would end the night with. The other two songs would “Never be played in Detroit again!” We picked ’Jimmy Page’ which was my vote over ’Bitches’ and  ‘Straight to Video’. Which made me happy that an underdog beat two chart topping singles. Little Jimmy and his Mindless Self Indulgence brought the high paced electro synth punk head banging dance grooves that all of our parents hate, and that all of us sinners love!


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  1. andie says:

    Fantastic article and beautiful pictures, thank you SO much for it! xx

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