Machine Gun Kelly Celebrates his Birthday in The D


Machine Gun Kelly celebrated his 23rd birthday in Detroit Tuesday night at St Andrews Hall in front of a sold out crowd. MGK not only reminisced of seeing killer concerts in Detroit but paid homage to his mentor Eminem. He explained it was the 8-mile king that inspired his rap career “I wore my hoodie like him, I wanted to be like him, I wanted to rap like him.”

Machine Gunn Kelly had St Andrews alive and moving, as the sold out crowd jumped in unison, the walls of the hall seamed to contract like a beating heart. Throwing down his best and even tossing in a few Eminem songs, MGK celebrated his birthday with style and with about a 1000 fans. He puts on a high intense show that has fans looking like wet rats by the closing song. This is a must see show so get out and see the music!

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