Linkin Park and Incubus A Review From The Heart

Tuesday night at The Palace of Auburn Hills The Honda Civic 2012 Tour Featuring Linkin Park, Incubus and Mutmath played to thousands of screaming fans. As we walked through the venue the combination of Linkin Park and Incubus fans seem to merge into an overall anticipation of a great show. SeeTheMuzic decided to take a different approach on reviewing this show by interviewing two young fans who came to this concert to see their favorite band and boy am I glad we did; hearing their personal thoughts and how music inspires them rejuvenated our love for what music is all about!

STM: Hello girls lets start off with your names and your age:

Hello, my name is Meagan O’Hara and I am 13 yrs old, I am Zia Pentescu and I am also 13. Meagan and I have been great friends for a long while now and this concert is all we could talk about ever since they announced the tour.

STM: Wow you guys are young and to be such big music fans that’s awesome; so were you here for Linkin Park, Incubus or both:

Meagan: Linkin Park all the way!!! I don’t really listen much to Incubus, but when I do hear them on the radio I go somewhat nuts, but when I hear Linkin Park I go all out psycho.

Zia: I am a huge fan of Linkin Park and have been for a long time, but, although I’m not as familiar with them, I like Incubus’s music too. Brandon Boyd’s voice is amazing and I know they are very talented.

STM: You talked about how super excited the two of you were to see this show, did it meet or exceed your expectations:

Zia: The show met and exceeded my expectations. Basically, what I expected to be the highlights of the concert was the whole thing. Each Linkin Park song blew me away, and I discovered some new Incubus songs that I really liked. I’ve heard about quite a few artists that sound much better in recording, but Linkin Park and Incubus definitley rocked in concert, both of them exceeded my expectations in that aspect.

Meagan: Going into the concert, I set my expectations very high, being that my last concert was Paul McCartney. But as soon as I set foot in The Palace, I knew this was going to be NOTHING like a Paul McCartney concert! At that point I really just went into super excited mode with expecting nothing but the best.

STM: (laughs) Yes, this was no Paul McCartney show!

STM: Ok so we know Linkin Park is the reason you both came to the show but now that you have seen both bands play live are you now fans of Incubus:

Meagan: DIFINITELY!! I love the way the Brandon Boyd’s voice sounds, I love how their music starts out calm and then the songs get very intense, I am so going to buy more of their albums!

Zia: After becoming familiar with more of their songs and getting a close re-introduction to the ones I’d heard before, I definitely am.

STM: (laughs) Zia are you sure your 13?

STM: If you had to name your favorite song from both bands what would they be:

Zia: My favorite song Incubus preformed was Wish You Were Here. When it comes to Linkin Park, that’s a very difficult decision; but hearing Victimized (of the new album) in all it’s live-in-concert glory was amazing, because of all the power and emotion you can really feel when they preform it. I also really enjoyed the medley of Leave Out All The Rest, Shadow of the Day, and Iridescence because of the simplicity and beauty in the way Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington preformed.

Meagan: With Incubus, My favorite song was Pardon Me. I just love the way it is performed live; it is a truly beautiful song. I love all of Linkin Park’s songs, but the one that really made me squeal with joy was Faint. It was the first song that I played constantly, with over 400 plays on my iPod.

STM: With out screaming, how would you describe your experience at this concert:

Meagan: I cant!!! Its just one of those things that you just can’t explain.  But if I could say one word to discribe it, I would say MIRACULOUS!!! I feel as if I am the luckiest girl alive, and it was a great way to wrap up the summer with my friend and family.

Zia: Honestly, it seems like an indescribable experience! I am truly, truly lucky to have gotten to go. Both bands we saw were amazing. Screaming along to Linkin Park, fist-pumping in the huge stadium, being close to some of my idols while listening to their amazing music fill the room; It was one of the greatest experiences ever, a dream come true. It was perfect!

STM: Ok Ladies one last question, If you had one chance to say something to your favorite member of Linkin Park, what would be:

Meagan: If I could say something to my favorite member of Linkin Park, I would have to say… oh gosh, I would have to have Zia stop me from telling Mike Shinoda my life story! But if could say one thing to Mr. Mike Shinoda, I would say that he has been such a big inspiration to me, he has made me want to go out and reach for my dreams. If his music, from the pre-Hybrid Theory to Living things, was ever ripped out of my life I would curl up into a fetal position and mumble the slight words of his songs. He is my celeberty crush (hehe!)

Zia: If I could, I would address Linkin Park as a whole, because they each contribute to the most important part of any band: the music. I would thank them for helping me through every life struggle I’ve had without even knowing me. But, if I had to choose one, I would say Phoenix, because I am also a bass player and he has been a huge motivation for me to contiue playing. Thanks Phoenix, for completing every melody and always being there in the music—and for just being awesome!

STM: Well I want to thank the both of you for talking to SeeTheMuzic, the two of you have giving us a good look into your thoughts as well as your hearts. I for one am inspired by your love for music and how it makes you feel. You are living proof that music plays a roll in our lifes from day one to end of days, thank you both so much and rock on!

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  2. Lisa-Fosse says:

    hey there oh my gosh im glad u had a great time u are so lucky u got to see incubus aswell linkin park is just coming to sout6h africa but thats ok i love them to xxxxxxx

  3. lauren says:

    love this! such lucky girls and I’m quite impressed 4 the way they talk about music! 🙂

  4. Saskia says:

    Those girls can be so lucky!
    I am 15 now and my parents would never allow me to go to one of their concerts – I think I got to wait until I am 18 and an decide that by my own…
    LP4EVER! *-*

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