Korn Kills it at The Fillmore

Review By Jonny Reinhardt

Korn packed The Fillmore full while D.C. shut the government down. Many are calling this period of financial ruin and unprecedented natural disasters a ‘Paradigm Shift’ and what better way to kick off an album of the same title by rocking out in the brokest city while our broke country shuts itself down! My evening with Korn was a much welcomed blast from the past. I’ve heard critics say that Korn has gone digital, lending a heavy touch to a few tracks thick with the Dubstep phenomena that is still somehow sweeping the country. But for this show they stripped down elaborate stage props and gadgets and welcomed back Brian “Head” Welch back to the lineup to give us a more personal feeling with a plug in and rock out from the first ride cymbal roll to open ‘Blind’. I was brought back to the late 90’s and my “rebel against my stepdad” days jumping around with everyone while screaming the lyrics. The entirety of the main floor instantly became a mosh pit with its focal point in the center. I don’t think the security crew knew what they were in for!

Jonathan played the bagpipes for ‘Shoots and Ladder’. Always unique and crushing as the band chimes in to heavy metal nursery rhymes. Head and Munky had themselves a little duel showing off a little bit of skills ending with a riff contest. Head won with “Lay it Down”…what an 80’s nut! Shortly after that, Jonathan came out to rev up the crowd with middle fingers for “Ya’ll wanna Single” as Detroit delivered and seemed to overwhelm the band at times with their energy. I remember being showered with beer during that song for no one was standing still and mayhem had struck the main floor. People were flying, tripping, falling, jumping, and not giving a F*ck! I believe that is exactly what we all wanted. Instead of being caught up in flashy stage props and acts, the VIP section was caught behind a jail cell type of cage behind the drums for the entire show! “LOCK UP THE RICH!” is the message I received from that. It didn’t look much fun and probably sounded like crap. I saw Vince Bommarito from Detroit metal band Hell Rides North in that cage as well…so maybe not all “rich”. (He’s married!)

After playing 14 songs of blood, sweat, and fear, the band left with “Goodbye Cruel World” only to come back out for 3 more. At this point in the show many left the ever-going mosh pit to higher grounds of safety. Which gave me the headway to push up to the front to rock out “Got the Life” right up against the security with bodies falling overhead. IT WAS AWESOME! I was literally 6 feet from the band and could hear Jonathan directly instead of the speakers with the opening words of the closing song to suit all of us ‘freaks’ and it’s not a Korn show unless there’s “Freak on a Leash” and to be honest, I was so caught up in the energy that the song had skipped my mind until Jonathan sang the words, clear as I remember them in 6th grade. Korn has stood the test of time against most other Nu-Metal bands from the 90’s and they’re not slowing down by what I seen on that stage. 5 guys, playing their songs as best as they can while we all just absorb the magic! Now get out and see the music!

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