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The legendary band KISS came rolling into town again and even though the show was postponed a day due to a highway accident with their Pyrotechnics truck, it didn’t deter fans from filling DTE Energy Music Theatre to max capacity the following night. You see KISS and Detroit fans have a long history together, we were and will always be the first town to ever accept the band KISS with wide-open arms. This is very evident as you scroll through their discography to find a song written just for us called “Detroit Rock City”. As editor of the SeeTheMusic, I was very excited we got the opportunity to cover this performance. KISS has touched so many of our lives’ in one way or another. For me it started back in 1978 at the mere age of fifteen my father dropped a friend and I off at the doors of Olympia Stadium to see my first KISS show. I know it was against his better judgment but I guess because my bedroom was lined with KISS posters and their albums was the only music I played, he must of known the impact it would have had if I was kept from going. Now thirty four years later I wish he were still here to see how excited I was to have the opportunity to photograph the very band that put rock n roll into my soul. Although I would have loved to written this review, I ran across someone who is a bigger KISS fan than I, Scotti Moore; this guy has followed KISS all over the nation, with seeing over forty shows, I couldn’t help but ask him to share with us his thoughts on the greatest rock n roll band of all time!

Scotti Moore sat down with SeeTheMuzic and this is what he had to say:

I wanted the best and I got the best!!! No matter how many times I have seen the hottest band in the world, it never ceases to amaze me how even father time can’t get the upper hand on these guys. From the moment they give the crowd their cue by playing Led Zeppelin before the curtain drops to the final bows and thank you, I turn into that ten year old kid who, because of KISS, craves rock n roll shows!

As they began their descent from the rafters it was evident that KISS is and will always be, larger than life. As I stood there watching my biggest influence in rock n roll, I was trying to convince myself that it wasn’t a dream, that I was really here at DTE watching this unbelievable band perform again. Before the show I was trying to explain to my girlfriend that there are three monumental things in life to me; watching your child come into this world, finding that person that you truly love and seeing KISS live in concert.  While at that point she just laughed and said let’s not be over dramatic; it didn’t take but halfway into their opening song “Detroit Rock City” for her to understand exactly what I was saying. As my excitement was overwhelming to see KISS perform again it was extra special watching her experiencing the show of all shows for the first time. It is really hard for me to put into words exactly how I felt watching the one of the greatest rock bands of all time but with a tear in my eye and the adrenaline pumping I prayed that it wouldn’t end. For me this isn’t just a band playing a bunch of songs, It was KISS telling a story with every single note; what story you ask, “My Story”. Each one of their songs is attached in some way to a chapter of my existence and that night I was listening to and sharing a life’s worth of memories with my girl friend as well as thousands of others. You can’t put a price on this experience and if you haven’t seen KISS then you haven’t seen what rock & roll is all about.

It is impossible for any band to personify passion more than these guys do and it shows night after night, tour after tour, year after year. KISS is about their fans and each show is for us; they consume you into their performance and for me it’s an honor to be a part of it. Unfortunately that night had to end but rest assure, I will be there each and every time KISS comes back to the place I call home, Detroit Rock City!

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