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Review by Julia Sikora 

Saturday night at the Majestic Theater in Detroit, Garbage took the stage and launched into “Automatic Systematic Habit,” the addictive first track off their 2012 release Not Your Kind of People. What followed was a flawless show that proves some bands only get better with age. The tastefully ostentatious Shirley Manson commanded our unwavering attention from the moment she let out the first low tones of “Push It” until she graced our ears with the always-haunting “You Look So Fine.” Guitarists Steve Marker and Duke Erikson ripped through each song with an energy and passion that could barely be kept on stage while Butch Vig and recent addition, Eric Avery, held down the fort on drums and bass.

The night’s set list mixed old loves like “Only Happy When It Rains,” “Milk” and “#1 Crush” with new tracks, such as “Blood for Poppies” and my personal favorite off the new album, “Control.” For me, though, the most memorable song of the night was a touching rendition of “Cup of Coffee,” performed only after the ever-dedicated Manson was satisfied with the volume. Asking for the levels to be adjusted, she reminded us that sometimes things are better the second time around. She did not disappoint.

Between songs, Manson took time to thank her fans and share just how excited the band is to be touring and making music again. The concert also included the engagement of longtime Garbage fans, Scott and Domenick, whom Manson brought up on stage halfway through the show.

As a lifelong lover of Garbage finally old enough to rush to the front of the stage and rock out in the pit, it was a show beyond words. If this performance is any indication of what the future holds for Garbage, then we should expect great things.

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