Flogging Molly Brings Their Green 17 Tour To Detroit

Review by Jonny Reinhardt

Green shirts, Guinness cans, and a Fillmore Theatre packed full of giddy guys and gals gearing up to dance the night away with Flogging Molly. Our music Mecca of Detroit is one of the bands favorite stops on tour. From bearded geriatrics to kids who have no business being up this late on a school night, the diverse crowd shared a common love for the Celtic Rock superstars. Every song starts out as an Emerald isle style folk arrangement of acoustic guitars, accordions, tin whistles, banjos, and mandolins and then lashes out into the fast tempo Celtic rock that hits you with the force of an iron shillelagh.
Even if you aren’t familiar with the songs, the catchy choruses were written so well that we all can easily learn and chant along with the band. I was surprised to see how “homely” the mosh pit was. Fan’s with arms around each others shoulders while dancing up and down like drunken leprechauns. Well come to find out there are no mosh pits at a Flogging Molly show, just the ‘Devils Dance floor.’ It did not take long for me to be consumed by temptation and I instantly found myself dancing to the devil about a week before St. Patty’s day!
With tribute’s to Pete Seeger on banjo, along with an amazing rendition of The Dubliners ‘Rare Old Times’ marking the 20th anniversary Luke Kelly’s passing, Detroit received many rare songs not normally played by Flogging Molly. The very Irish singer, Dave King is clearly the rock-star of the band dancing along with the crowd while throwing out Guinness to the fans with empty cups. What a guy! For the Encore of the show, he came out in a Nicklas Lidstrom jersey celebrating the retirement of his number 5 earlier that evening. Dave’s salute to Mr. Lidstrom caused a stadium like roar as if Flogging Molly just won the Stanley Cup!  I highly suggest this band of Celtic Rockers as a fun event for the entire family! Especially here in Detroit!

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