Flogging Molly, Fast and Fierce

Flogging Molly is fast, intense, and fierce; these Celtic punk rockers stirred up a crazed frenzy before a boisterous crowd Friday night at The Fillmore in Detroit, MI. The show began with “The Who’s – Teenage Wasteland” blaring over the PA system filling the crowd with excitement and anticipation. As the intro song faded to an end, a familiar banner, donning a four-leaf clover and two snakes, descended behind the drum riser. The lights went completely black, and the crowd absolutely erupted. Flogging Molly hit the stage with passion as if it was their first show, which set the tone for the night. The band opened with “Another Bag Of Bricks,” and got the throng hollering along immediately. Flogging Molly tunes have a fist-pumping, chant-at-the-top-of-your-lungs effect on people. Whether it was “Saints and Sinners”, “Devil’s Dance Floor” or “Within A Mile From Home” they have the ability to extrude roar’s from their audience that almost threatens to overpower the band.

The capacity house ate up everything King and his mates dished out. In a classic punk rock manor, the songs were a visible release of aggression for both the band and the crowd. From the mezzanine to the stage, fans moved like continuous waves that crashed and ebbed in rages of fury.

As Flogging Molly went into their Detroit-inspired tune “The Power’s Out,” a cut from Speed of Darkness, the horde sang along “From the town of Detroit where we fight ’til we drop YEAH” it was abundantly clear that Flogging Molly holds this town near and dear to their heart. F.M. expertly sequence their song selections, always throwing in a calmer piece or two in efforts to keep the crowd at bay but with a strike of chord it’s back to turbo-charged crowd chanting mayhem. Flogging Molly performed a twenty three-song set with out a rest; and as proven by their longevity, I don’t think they ever will. If you have never seen a Flogging Molly show, we highly recommend this one; get out and see the music!

Review by Kelly Tucker

For more of Flogging Molly visit their official web site at: www.floggingmolly.com

Flogging Molly “Don’t Shut ‘Em Down” music video: http://youtu.be/rOiLVo8yIJE

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