Blake Shelton, Country Music Freak

Review by Jenne Barnes

Saturday September 28th, The Palace of Auburn Hills was packed with self proclaimed hillbillies, rednecks and country music freaks waiting to rock out country style with Blake Shelton. The county music sensation and judge of the NBC hit show the “Voice” is selling out venues nation wide with his 2013 “Ten Times Crazier Tour,” Blake’s first headlining show.

Speaking to the fans about how nervous he was with such a huge crowd and being in Detroit, he shared his way of settling down, have a drink! The artist reminded everyone that he brought his big ass here for two reasons, to sing country music and drink. Tipping his glass back the band started in with a song from his 2011 album, The More I Drink.”  As the show progressed Shelton shared his sense of humor with fans turning away from the crowd and slipping on a white cowboy hat complete with an attached mullet. Blake admired his long locks flipping it from side to side and saying “everyone had one of these when I first started.With his flash back hair style, Shelton broke into his hit “Some Beach” all the while grinning and shaking the hands of adoring front row fans. Blake kept the crowd on their feet bringing back some of his earlier career hits weaving in his latest album. Although the music style was different, the fans love and support remains continuous. Holding the microphone out to the crowd, new or old, the fans knew all the words to the songs that were preformed. Blake even turned a large venue like the Palace into an intimate night club feel with his spot light acoustic set. Blake shared two songs under the single white light. His guitar in hand and velvet smooth vocals he brought us all to a place that he holds dear. Playing Over You, a song co written with wife Miranda Lambert and Austin took this giant production and made it personal with his fans. “Enough sadness” he stated as he stood to switch gears. Once again he took the crowd in his hands back to a redneck way of life. Singing and sippin that sweet drink from is solo cup Blake belted out many more crowd favorites.Ol Red,” “Hillbilly Bone,” “Kiss My Country Ass” and ‘Who are You When I’m Not Looking.”

With lighters being a thing of the past, what are we to do when an artist performs a ballad? Well as any good country music freak would do, you turn on your cell phone LED light! The Palace was a glowing room of fire flies swaying as Shelton performed Home. The energy was amazing and with the powerful performance it is sure to be one of the highlights of the night. Ice cold beer, girls and a truck, ending the night with the crowd favorite Boys Round Here. Blake had captured the spirit of the country music freak, which is how he referred to his fans through out the night. Withsuch and energetic non stop show the fans were eager for more of Blake Shelton’s charismatic ways. With unending cheers it wasn’t long before he stepped back on stage for a double encore. Footloose and God Gave Me You took his Detroit visit to an epic end.

Upon exiting the Palace you could hear fans attempting their own version of Blakes performances as they walked to there vehicles. Radios of passing cars rang out with various songs from the nights echos as the passengers sang along. To say the least, he  had captured redneck hillbillies for years to come, his job here was done. Until next time Mr. Blake Shelton. 


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