Bad Religion Proves Punk Rock Lives

Review By Sarah Force

Some people say that punk rock is dead but Tuesday night at St. Andrews Hall in Detroit they come close to breaking fire codes with the amount punk fans that filled the place. Sold out was the word of the day as fans tried to get in to see Bad Religion. The moment this band stepped out on the oak there was no denying how alive Punk Rock is.

As the house lights dimmed, the crowd erupted and Bad Religion started rocking with the same mind-blowing energy as they had 34 years ago. In support of and off of their sixteenth album “True North” opened the night with “Past Is Dead” then grabbed everyones attention with “We’re only gonna die” from their first studio album “How Could Hell Be Any Worse.” It was nothing but a punk fest form there; for the next two hour’s Bad Religion spanned their entire bands historic spectrum one song at a time. The extensive set list was carefully engineered to create an unmatchable vibe, a feeling you would only get seeing a band with as much experience and passion as BR. Singer Greg Graffin had a witty intro’s for almost every song. He even made mention of a show they played at St. Andrews 25 years ago that was only 40 people strong. I am pretty sure by the cheers almost all 40 were among the sold out crowd.

As the show continued, song after song, the explosive energy between the band and the crowd showed no signs of slowing down. As the left the stage after playing “Sorrow” the level of ovation that roared through the hall was a giant clue that this show wasn’t meant to be over. Bad Religion returned to the stage to perform 4 more songs that night, one of which was “Infected” from “Stranger Than Fiction” and ended with “Dept of False Hope.”

The sound that Bad Religion has refined since they formed in 1979, is quite possibly the absolute best that west coast punk has to offer. Many musicians and bands have listed Bad Religion as a serious influence in their music and lives. There is no doubt that they have helped punk rock evolve into what it is today, and will continue to influence many generations to come.

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Bad Religion “True North” music video:

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