All Time Low Unleashes Punk Havoc at The Fillmore

Review by Jonny Gesundheit

Wednesday night I witnessed one of the most energetic displays of band loyalty I had ever seen in Detroit. Performing in front of a sold out crowd at The Fillmore All Time Low caused punk rock havoc. Right now I’m sitting at my desk still picking out confetti from my hair, flashing back to the hundreds upon hundreds of jumping teenagers reciting lyrics written years ago in some garage in Maryland.

It’s been about ten years out of that garage, and All Time Low has had a decade for the history books. Having been a touring band for most of those years, I was astonished by the energy, style, and overall freshness of the performance. You can tell they love the fans and don’t intend on slowing down any time soon.

It began with laughter. The show started with a Boxing match-style intro. Center stage a ring announcer holding a heavy weight championship belt introduced the band; “Weighing in below Macaulay Caulkin in Home Alone 2…with crooked genitalia; Alex Gaskarth!” Walking to the microphone, Alex smiled as he welcomed the screams and chuckles of all the die-hard fans that packed The Fillmore. After each member was announced and the strike of the first chord, all hell broke loose!

As they opened with ‘Lost in Stereo’ I was immediately drawn into the fury; packed tightly between jumping teens with their hands in the air screaming every lyric, out of nowhere “BOOM” a crowd surfer nails me in the jaw accidently as she was part of the assembly line of girls riding hands to the stage that looked like some ritual offering to the punk gods from Baltimore. ATL never lost the intensity of the crowd and even had the power to control it.

During crowd favorite, ‘If these sheets were the states’, Singer Alex demanded all cell phones be put away in order to fully enjoy and take in the song of heartbroken loneliness. It was a touching change of pace as many people were watching the show through a 3-inch phone screen. After that song, I’d say only half of the phones returned to document the remainder of this awesome hour-long pop-punk experience. The floors were wet, the mosh pits were co-ed, the temperature made a sauna seem appeasing, and the smile on my face couldn’t have been any bigger! Thank you Alex, Jack, Ryan, and Zack, For All Time Low’s passion for performance and the love for punk; you had me at an all-time high!

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    Great article. I can visualize it like I was there!

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